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We talk a lot about nothing much, every breath we’re getting closer


Big Time Rush star James Maslow stopped by to talk about competing on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars!


I Would’ve Been The One l Kucy Fanmix [Listen on 8tracks] 

1. Honeymoon Avenue (Ariana Grande) - Fifth Harmony

You know how to drive in rain and you decided not to make a change.Stuck in the same old lane going the wrong way home

2. I Wasn’t Prepared - Eisley

"The bees flew down and wrapped themselves around me. And that’s when I spoke the word to have them trace your face for me in pollen”

3. Would’ve Been The One - Solange

"Flowers, candy, flirty late nights, on the speed dial, that was you too. Dinner, movie, sweet heart kisses, He don’t dance, but tangles with two.”

4. Now I’m All Messed Up - Tegan and Sara

"You said you never really loved her anyway"

5. Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy

Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger. The person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.

6. (One of Those) Crazy Girls - Paramore

Are we really over now? Maybe I can change your mind. As soon as you walk out my door, I’m gonna call a hundred times

7. Without the Love - Demi Lovato

You work so hard to get me just to let me go

8. Boy - Little Mix

Do you remember what he said? I do. He told you he’d never ever hurt you

I Love Kucy..

Big time romantic rush! Spy Kids star Alexa Vega started off the new year marrying Big Time Rush rocker Carlos Pena, Jr. in a romantic ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday, Jan. 4. 

The couple, who both changed their last names to PenaVega, told Us Weekly exclusively, “We are so blessed to have been able to spend this special day with the people we love the most. We look forward to sharing a happy and healthy life together.” 

For her big day, Vega, 25, wore a stunning Eduardo Lucero gown for her ceremony and a Gold Hawk dress for her reception. The wedding was held at Grand Velas in Riviera Nayarit, in Mexico and put together with the help of Luxe Destination Weddings. 

The couple had nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen, making for a massive wedding party of 18 close friends and family members. After the ceremony Vega and Pena, Jr. cut their giant three-tier wedding cake. 

The couple started dating last year and announced their engagement in September 2013. 

This is Vega’s second marriage. The former child star filed for divorce from film producer Sean Covel, 37, in July 2012 after two years of marriage.


I’d like to take a moment to thank each and everyone who signed this, who reblogged this, who spread the word about this petition. We’re currently at 214 and i am grateful and happy for every signature that this petition is getting. I know that it’s a long shot but each new signature is bringing us closer to showing Columbia Records that there is a market out there for Heffron Drive, that people want to buy the music and support the band.

If you haven’t signed yet, please take a moment out of your time to do so right here (x). If including your full name is an issue, just sign with your initials or leave out your city name. The only ones that get to see who signed is me and eventually Columbia Records.

Keep spreading word about this and let’s show what the power of a fandom can do. When AJ Cook (JJ Jureau on Criminal minds) was being written off as a character, the fandom went crazy. Making petitions, tweeting the writers and the network and the result was that she got to stay on the show. So it’s not impossible. So let’s unite as a fandom and let our voices roar as one.

Thank you so much! Have a lovely day.


This made me sad but if Kendall is happy I’m going to be happy for him. And all his fans should be =)

That shit ain’t real.


INTERVIEW: Heffron Drive On The Road with Dustin Belt and Kendall Schmidt

Anonymous: "Just like that Stephane who "works" for Kathy with choose 180, sucking up & following the guys everywhere doesn't make you a better fan than anyone else--it does make you a stalker fangirl--Jessica Ruth & jacky J found that out!!"


Will u leave me the fuck alone?! I’m not fucking stalking him. And I’m also not claiming to be a better fan than anyone else. I’m going to the shows bc I can, I LOVE the music and I enjoy the hell out of them. I never said I was better than anyone else nor do I claim to be.

Don’t worry about what some jealous “fan” states you don’t have to justify why you’re supporting the guys. And you are a better fan then this anon because any true fan, better yet, any good and decent being would be happy that the guys, whether it’s solo or in the group, were being supported. And yes I said a true fan because we’re all a fandom or fan family and we should be supportive of not only the guys but each other.

So have a great time at the shows because you deserve it and let the hate stay beneath you. 

Title: Unknown
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'Art of Moving On' - Heffron Drive.

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